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Malireddy Babi and Ratnakanya Memorial Charitable Trust

Malireddy Charitable Trust, acronym MCT happens to be the brain child of M.V.R. Phaneendra one of the premier scribes of the electronic media in this part of the world, East Godavari District. The idea of MCT had its very roots from the versatile idealist Mr. Malireddy Babi, father of Phaneendra.

Babi was well known in Andhra Pradesh as an effective social worker, theater artist and Script writer who always believed in humanity and strived to the optimum levels of meeting the noble cause. He had been the guide, philosopher, mentor and role model for many in East Godavari as far as social service concept was concerned. Babi always felt that social awareness could be more effectively advocated via theater arts and culture. This was very reason he often involved himself and many others to perform in thought provoking and socio – enlightening plays, skits and play lets / musical ballets with the burning (current) topics in the society as main themes. After the demise of Babi, his eldest son Phaneendra had made-up his mind to enforce the noble ideals of his late parents. This led to the institution of MCT named after Phaneendra's late parents Babi and Ratnakanya.

The visual - audio media format of publicity or propaganda put it in this way of social awareness to the grass root levels is undoubtedly one of the most lucid expressions. This indeed will inspire and motivate even the illiterate person to the core - with particular reference to the rural masses. Malireddy Charitable Trust - more familiar as MCT, in the coastal countryside totally committed to get solved public grievances, with a social awareness concept ideology. Right from its very institution, way back in 2007; MCT committed itself to help the innocent and ignorant rural masses in their every aspect of routine life via Community Video-Media Programming, having people easily accessible to all concerned governmental departments and heads in their respective regions or jurisdictions in order to get their problems solved instantly every now and then without much pain and strain. MCT (Community Video-Media Program) had been organizing an effective Community Video Media Program admirably advocated by founders.

Social awareness from the grass root level has been the primary objective of Malireddy Charitable Trust (MCT) right from its inception.

Serving the needy people in general, and ignorant rural masses in particular through effective social service, charity, provision of necessary information to the rural masses, are the prime objectives of MCT.